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WordPress ist das derzeit wohl am meisten benutzte Blogsystem. Nicht nur die Blogger selbst interessieren sich für dieses System, auch die Zahl der darin interessieren Entwickler steigt enorm. Wo also bekommt man Informationen über sämtlich vorhandenen Resourcen her, wenn nicht am besten selbst in Blogs und auf Designer-Sites.

Da die Nachfrage nach Tutorials, neuen Themes sowie Cheat Sheets und Codehacks stetig steigt und der Wunsch nach Customizing befriedigt werden muss, hat www.1stwebdesigner.com einen wirklich guten Artikel verfasst, welcher eine Unzahl an weiterführenden Links beinhaltet.

Vorab möchte ich mich bei www.1stwebdesigner.com für diesen Post bedanken. Hiermit übernehme ich diesen Artikel im Original in meinen Blog, da ich diese ultimative Linksammlung sehr nützlich finde und auch selbst benutzen werde.

Hope you will enjoy this collection !

WordPress Essentials and Basics:

This section includes some official resources for the WordPress community and some general articles that will help you to get more out of your development for WordPress.

WordPress Theme Roundups, Theme Templates, and Theme Frameworks:

Below you will find a wide variety of theme roundups, theme frameworks for building your own themes, and premium theme sites.

Theme Frameworks:

  • WordPress PSD Framework – A free PSD template that includes all the common elements in a WP design for you to build on.

  • Carrington – A free WP CMS theme framework that includes two browser versions and a mobile version.
  • Hybrid – Justin Tadlock’s framework that features 13 page templates, 15+ plugins supported within the framework, advanced breadcrumbs and much more.

Themes And Templates:

Now Let’s move to the best sites where you can find premium and free WordPress designs and templates:

  • WordPress.org – The official theme repository from WordPress, with nearly 1,000 free themes available.
  • Top WP Themes – A directory of free themes, many with a corporate or professional look.
  • Themes2WP.com – A categorized directory with more than a thousand themes.
  • Elegant Themes – Another great premium themes site that allows unlimited access for less than $20.
  • WooThemes – Offers paid themes in a club format, though you can also purchase individual themes.
  • Obox Theme Shop – A premium theme site with some really awesome themes available with single-site licenses or developer licenses.
  • StudioPress – Premium WP theme site that lets you download themes individually or as a package.
  • NattyWP – Another club-based premium themes site.
  • ThemeForest – One of the best sites where you can buy premium WordPress themes.

Theme Development Tutorials:

The tutorials listed here will walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a WordPress theme.

Tutorials and Tips :

There are far too many tutorials and hacks for theme designers and developers to list here, and a number of excellent collections have already been put together by other bloggers. Above you will find some of the best tutorials and other collections.

Tutorials :

Collections :

WordPress Plugins  :

Tricks and Hacks :

WordPress Books :

There is a good number of WordPress books but I recommend the books above :

Digging Into WordPress

A book by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr. Digging into WordPress is the best book I have seen for WordPress designers and developers. I have the PDF version, but a print version is now available as well.

How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer

A great book from Envato written by Collis Ta’eed and Harley Alexander.

WordPress Cheat Sheets :

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